De-winterization Services

marina cobia bowl

The following de-winterization services will be provided:

  • Open boat: inspect cabin and engine space
  • Inspect belts and hoses
  • Check and top off all fluids
  • Check fuel cap seal
  • Check fuel bulb for functionality and condition of rubber
  • Check fuel hoses for cracking and flexibility
  • Treat outside of engine with anticorrosive chemical
  • Launch boat and start engine
  • Return boat to storage.
  • Check shifting
  • Flush engine with fresh water
  • Cycle battery off if applicable. Cover up boat
  • Inspect boat d.c. electrical systems (nav lights, gauges, etc.), but not including electronic navigation or functionality of bilge pumps.
  • Run engine until normal operating temperature is reached
  • AC system inspection and genset inspection done by request as an additional fee at time and materials.
  • Install customer batteries if needed. Check batteries under load. Replace batteries if needed (price of new batteries extra)
  • Provide Inspection Report including this completed check sheet and report to customer of items or systems needing attention

Non-storage customer will incur trailer loading charges if applicable

Fee schedule: $150.00 for single-engine boats, $250.00 for dual engine boats.