Fuel Services

Dare Marina is pleased to be able to offer an enhanced marine gasoline to its gasoline customers. Many of you have probably experienced problems resulting from use of ethanol fuels in a marine environment. ValvTect fuels are formulated to minimize the issues that ethanol has caused. At last a solution – and it starts at the pump! Some thoughts and explanations are addressed below

Certified Storage:

Valvtect requires that the storage facilities of ValvTect dealers be inspected twice a year for moisture, algae, and other contaminents. If contaminents are found, the storage facilities must be cleaned or the dealer will no longer be allowed to sell the ValvTect Product.

Ethanol Blended Gasoline:

Problems specific to marine use of ethanol blended gasoline are linked to ethanol’s absorption of excess moisture around water and the length of time between fill-ups. This can cause fuel to degrade in less than a month, and in rare cases for ethanol to separate from the gasoline if a large amount of water enters the fuel tank. Ethanol blended gasoline can also develop excessive deposits in hotter-burning marine engines. This can decrease fuel economy, reduce power output and potentially cause power-head failure. To help prevent these potential problems, ValvTect Marine Gasoline contains marine-grade fuel additives not found in automotive gasoline. They stabilize the fuel to keep it fresh for up to a year and to help prevent octane loss. A moisture dispersant also assists in preventing phase separation.

Valvtect Reduces Fuel Consumption and Improves Performance:

At current fuel prices, getting the most mileage out of a tank of gasoline is critically important to boaters. Using marine-grade gasoline or diesel specially- formulated to clean-up fuel-robbing carbon deposits can significantly reduce fuel consumption and save a lot of money. Carbon deposits, commonly called gunk, build up in engines during the combustion process. As deposits build in fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves and combustion chambers, they reduce the engine’s fuel efficiency, increasing fuel consumption. Because marine engines can use up to 10 times more fuel per hour than a car or truck engine, the amount of detergents in automotive grade gasoline and diesel typically are not sufficient to effectively clean-up deposits. ValvTect Marine gasoline and ValvTect Marine Diesel Fuel are specially-formulated to prevent and clean-up power-robbing deposits in marine engines. Compared to automotive-grade gasoline and diesel fuel, ValvTect Marine Fuels contain more, and higher levels of detergents and other important additives required for marine engine operation.

Enhance Fuel Good for the Environment, Boat, and Your Wallet:

Boaters are becoming increasingly concerned about maintaining the environmental quality of our lakes, rivers and oceans, both for their personal enjoyment as well as their livelihood. It’s one of the reasons why the formulators at ValvTect have spent so much time perfecting and testing our additive packages. ValvTect Marine Gasoline is formulated to burn cleaner, eliminate power-robbing deposits that increase pollutants, and reduce fuel consumption. By doing so, it significantly reduce engine emissions removing thousands of pounds of harmful pollution from the air we breathe and our waterways. When you buy ValvTect fuels at our fuel dock for your boat, you can take pride in the fact that you are doing something good for your engine, your wallet, and the environment.