Salvage Services

We at Dare Marina & Yacht Sales wish for each of you a safe and enjoyable boating experience. We also recognize that sometimes things can go terribly bad, and leave a boat owner with the need to take extreme actions to recover his boat and property from an unfortunate incident. When such actions are needed, we offer the following services for recovery and salvage of your marine interests.

  • USCG licensed commercial boat captains on staff with towing endorsements
  • Skilled Boat Handlers
  • Certified Divers on staff
  • Tow Boat
  • Large volume pumps for dewatering suken vessels
  • Two forklifts with extended forks
  • Numerous boat stands, blocks, etc for landing boats ashore
  • Factory trained mechanics from Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Mercruiser and Volvo
  • OEM parts and consumables for preserving water damaged engines
  • Large storage yard for 300 plus boats

When salvage and / or recovery of marine equipment is required, it is generally essential that operations begin very quickly to maximize the value of the recovered property. Dare Marina & Yacht Sales recognizes the need for urgency and will respond quickly. Call us at 757-898-3000 or email and you will have our full attention.

The images to the right of the text, show one extreme of salvage, where the boat was virtually destroyed on the rocks. It was floated enough to be towed with inflatable floats. The images below show another extreme, where a hose or through-hull was compromised and it sank gently at its moorings. In this case, the boat could be dewatered with high volume pumps, the breech close, and the boat towed to a service facility for repair.


Salvage Service Inquiry